Historic Preservation

I want to preserve the Character of Winter Park

My investment into the preservation of Winter Park started with Pete Weldon's CoffeeTalk in October 2017. My wife, Doriana, and I met Sally Flynn and started a conversation about Historic Preservation. Mayor Leary was present and took note of this and said, "Let's meet. I want to give you the low down on Historic Preservation." First notice he had given me, considering I looked into the Volunteer situation in Winter Park after I moved here. I filled out a Volunteer form with the City Clerk and met the City Manager in January 2016. I volunteered for: Board of Adjustment, Planning and Zoning Board, and Police and Fire Pension Board. The Mayor appoints Board member in May of each year. I hear Nothing! No Thank You. Nothing. That is when I realized the Boards are Closed.

Winter Park Operates on a 'Good Ole Boy' Basis

After my initial meeting with the Mayor in October 2017 we had coffee with the Mayor a week later. We talked 30 minutes about Historic Preservation and specifically, the First Church of Christ building on New York Avenue by the golf course. Ultimately, this Gamble-Rodgers historic building will be demolished. What a shame.

For 75 years Winter Park has been a City of Homes and Trees. I intend to maintain the character of Winter Park.

I'm concerned Winter Park will become a city of six story apartments and concrete parking garages.  

Photos of the Interlachen and Ravaudage Condo Construction.

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