Fiscal Responsibility

I am a seasoned businessman with a history of managing large budgets.

As Mayor I plan to implement best management practices and fiscal restraint. Focusing on getting the job done without sacrificing budgetary needs.

I graduated from Stanford School of Business with my MBA - finance and real estate emphasis.

Over the course of my business history, I have negotiated large facility contracts and managed businesses with multi million dollar stakes.

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  1. 17-92 in Maitland is appalling! Trees are disappearing very close by on Howell Branch Road, etc. I have lived here most of my life. I care deeply for safety of our children (thete is a lot of speeding on my street which used to feel so safe) and that so many animals (especially birds) are in jeopardy.. As for undergrounding of electricity-the progress or lack theteof is a mystery to me. Also, why does the electric company have to butcher the oak trees when they trim them away from lines? Damaging and unsightly. I hope you get elected-you seem to know how to do things right!

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